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Hello wanderer! On this page you can see different series of Java tutorials. As the time progress more tutorials will be added. Some tutorials are not part of any tutorial series at least for now. When I have enough tutorials that can be logically connected I will make new series.

All of the tutorials have topics so if you are interested in certain topic you can always check out. The topics can be found in the menu or in the main page on the right side.

So lets begin our journey with :

Java Beginner:

Input tutorials:

Java basic types:

Java basic concepts:

Java 8 Date/Time API:

Java some basic examples:

Little more advance concepts:

Java Collection:

Java Collection:

Java List:

Java Set:

Java Map:

Java Sort And Filtering:

Java + Mathematics:

Java More Advanced:


Java ASCII Art:


Linux is not strictly a Java topic but if you become developer chances to work with Linux are very high. So I include also some tutorials which can help you here: