What we need to have to use this website?

Simple Coding is primarily related to Java education. So you to manage to run all examples for Java in this website you must have:

  • JDK 17+ (Java™ SE Development Kit). All of the tutorials are written with Java 17 (OpenJDK) and to stay compatible please install JDK 17 or above. Also in many cases in this tutorials are shown new approaches which are available from Java 17 on.
  • Preferable IDE for writing the and testing the code. This is based on the user personal preferences (some users does not even need IDE) so I will only mention one of the most popular Java IDEs: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Apache NetBeans and Visual Studio Code (with Extension Pack for Java)

Majority of the examples in this website are simplified to one Java file. This is done so the content stay brief and condense. In many cases when you create big application for clarity you would want to have different functionality splinted in different files (separation of concerns).