JavaFX line chart example

In this example we will see how to create line chart with JavaFX. We are using LineChart. In the begging we will create two NumberAxis for X and Y coordinates. We will pass them to the constructor of LineChart. Then we will create XYChart.Series object representing series of data. We will use ObservableList and we … Read more

Install Adoptium JDK (Temurin) on OpenSuse 15 Leap

Suse and Java

Let’s see how to install JDK on OpenSuse Linux. For this example we will use Adoptium JDK. Here is Documentation that you can see more detail how to install on OpenSuse and other distributions: You can see here the versions which are available for OpenSuse: According to the documentation to install Adoptium JDK … Read more

Nashorn executing JavaScript function in Java with map argument

In this example we will see how to execute a JavaScript function in Java using Nashorn. Also we will pass as an argument Java map (LinkedHashMap) which will be considered in the JavaScript as an object. Project structure: For this tutorial we are using Mavan with pom.xml: As you can see we are using nashorn-core … Read more