Vim useful commands

Let’s see we can operated and use VIM text editor. To open the text document with Vim use command: vim [filename] Vim has two modes. Command mode and edit mode. By default when we open file command mode is active. To exit from the file in this mode type: :q If you want first to … Read more

Useful Linux grep commands

Grep command is very useful and powerful command to search words in text files. Here is exploitation and some examples: grep [search word] [place to search] -> global regular expression print. It will print the lines which the [search word] is found in the [place to search] Search word inside text.txt Search word inside all … Read more

Some basic Linux commands

This is a list with some useful basic Linux commands: sudo [command] -> It will execute command with elevated (administrative) privileges. pwd -> This command is path to current working directory. Sometimes you need to check where you are in directory tree. cd [folder] -> enter a folder. If we use cd .. -> exit … Read more